Changes are a comin’

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Long time, no see! My past two months in a nutshell ↑

You may have noticed that things have been quiet lately around the blog, but they haven’t been so quiet behind the scenes. When I haven’t been traveling, I’ve been toiling away, building a whole new site, and moving everything over from The Unsettled Meliorist. It’s been a time-consuming task, but also a lot of fun – making logos, designing pages, and coming up with a whole new vision:


Welcome Travel with a 9 to 5!

The new site focuses on the practical aspects of making travel possible for the everyday full-time worker. Many of the topics I’ve covered in The Unsettled Meliorist will continue to be highlighted in Travel with a 9 to 5 – budget travel, limited vacation time, travel tips, etc. – but with a renewed focus on the how-to’s for making part-time travel a reality for the common Joe. With travel hacking being one of the main means by which I afford the many trips I take, I also plan to focus a good deal on basic hacking strategies and real-life examples of how to make it work.

What’s going to happen to The Unsettled Meliorist?

It’s not going anywhere. For now, the site will stay up as is until all of the relevant content has been moved and linked to Travel with a 9 to 5. I plan to gradually shift the focus of The Unsettled Meliorist back to more of it’s original emphasis – on living a non-traditional life free from the constraints of settled down-dom. Most of the travel-related content will be shifted over to Travel with a 9 to 5.

What should you do to stay connected?

If you’re already following along on social media, have no fear: the accounts will remain the same. They may be changing names but you won’t need to do anything. However, if you subscribe to the blog via email, you will need to re-subscribe to the new site. You can subscribe via email by going to the homepage ( and entering your email address into the subscribe box at the bottom left.

Thanks for your patience through this shift and for continuing to follow along! Here’s to many more years of travel fun!



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  • Love the new design! Also like that you are following a similar philosophy to us. As our tagline goes “Exploring the world one weekend at a time” we are focused on part-time travelers and trying to inspire those with 8/9-5 jobs that they can still see the world! Great job with the website and looking forward to keeping up with future updates.